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Gordon Leslie Reid
Gordon Leslie Reid

March 7, 2018
Born in Arelee, SK
Resided in Calgary, Alberta


Gordon only finished school to grade 8 or 9 but excelled at the many careers he had.
He started on the Railroad in Lloydminster and then went on to work out of many different stations. He also worked at farming to supplement his income. He was assigned to the AreLee station where he started raising his family and Frank, Ian, Lyle, MaryLynn, Randy, Bruce and Brenda were added to the family
He moved his family to Saskatoon and worked many years for Custom Cleaners and sold Filter Queen vacuums. This is where Shawnda joined the family. We also had a cat name Trudeau who turned into Trudy. None of us know how we got her and dad claimed to not like her but we all know and saw differently.
We later moved to Bellevue where he worked for Coleman Colleries and after that was done he went on and owned two restaurants called Big E Nuf food services. One was a dairy bar just outside of Coleman. After he sold that and bought Fat’s Chop Suey in Blairmore and he was taught how to make the best Chinese food ever by Fat himself.
We then moved to Calgary and he spent a short time working in the Oil Patch. He then started a lawn maintenance business and sold Electrolux in the off season. He worked at that until his body couldn’t handle it any more. He really truly loved his lawn business. He also loved Snoopy who he missed dearly his Heinz 57 dog that he acquired from Lyle. He then went on to drive taxi until he very reluctantly retired. He always said the burying of his children was the hardest thing he ever had to do.
A few fun facts:
Legend has it he made good money playing crib.
There is a YouTube video from A channel with him challenging teenager to texting the same message as him that he sent by Telegraph and he beat them doing it - it may have been T9 - not sure, but still.
He quit smoking cold turkey and never looked back
He could make his arm blow up by blowing in his thumb - it’s still a mystery how it happens
He could cook and he never measured anything
He made the best pie crust and baking powder biscuits from scratch and again no recipe
For years we had a Santa Claus and reindeer that he built on our house every Christmas
Our dad, grandpa, great grandpa and brother, Gordon Leslie Reid passed away peacefully on March 7, 2018 at the South Calgary Health Campus.
Gordon will be missed by his very large extended family and their families.
Gordon was predeceased by his sons Ian, Randy, Bruce and Lyle.
His brothers and sisters Louise, Hanna, Sam, Stuart, Irene, Gerald and his parents John and Mary Reid.
Gordon was survived by his sisters Marlene, Bea, Shirley and Marguerite.
His children, Frank, MaryLynn, Brenda and Shawnda.
His grandchildren Kassandra, Megan, Karissa, Zach, McKenzi, Madison, Jenna, Gordon, Reya, Nicole, Marie, Lyle, and Kirk.
His great grandchildren Charli, Ireland, Michael Fin and Orion.




Rocky View Garden of Peace Cemetery
243208 Garden Road N.E.
Calgary, AB CA
Wednesday, March 14, 2018
1:00 PM


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